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Certificate Program A

Training & Facilitation Certificate

Live Session, Venue: Nangkang Software Incubator (No. 19-11 Sanchong Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City)

Dates: 21, 22, 23 October

Local Time: 9:00 – 17:00

Facilitator: Sardek Love


Certificate Program A: Training & Facilitation Certificate





Conference + Certificate Program A



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Course Info

This training certificate course covers the entire end-to-end training cycle, including planning and preparing a training event, managing the learning environment and engaging participants in the classroom, and following up post-event to continue to support learning. We'll cover the science behind learning as well--why and how learner needs and preferences, training techniques, classroom environment, and well-structured materials all affect learning outcomes. At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your techniques in a skills training practice where you will receive feedback and guidance from peers and an ATD expert Facilitator. ATD's Training Certificate, the best-established train-the-trainer course in the talent development field, is now Training & Facilitation Certificate. Drawing upon ATD's extensive research and experience*, this program will help you become a learner-centric facilitator who recognizes and can apply all of the skills of an effective trainer.

Why You Should Attend

• Get an overview of all phases of the training cycle from the planning phase through the evaluation phase. • Leave with the knowledge and skills to become a participant-focused facilitator in any environment, from large scale training events to meetings and presentations. • Learn from an expert trainer and facilitator, who will demonstrate best practices in the classroom. • Gain access to ATD-exclusive templates and tools to use in your own practice. • Demonstrate your new skills and receive personalized, actionable feedback from your ATD expert facilitator. • Earn an industry-recognized certificate, continuing education credits, and an ATD digital badge to share with your networks.

What You Will Learn

• Select the appropriate mix of learning modalities to support specific contexts, learners, and learning objectives in both formal and informal learning settings. • Identify the logistical tasks necessary to create a classroom environment that is conducive to effective face-to-face learning. • Create facilitation plans that prepare you for a successful learner-centered event. • Apply brain science to delivery strategies that address various learner preferences and cognitive needs in the learning environment. • Select learning methods to support a variety of learning preferences to reach the desired learning outcomes. • Demonstrate adult learning principles and effective facilitation techniques to assess and ensure a safe, comfortable, and supportive learning environment. • Utilize a variety of facilitation techniques to create a professional and engaging learning experience. • Use a variety of techniques to engage participants, communicate effectively, and manage group dynamics and behaviors during an event. • Summarize techniques that can be used to develop and evaluate a variety of course materials designed with the learner and the learning objectives in mind. • Apply best practices when selecting informal learning networks and tools to meet the needs of an organization.

Who Should Attend

New and experienced trainers and facilitators from any industry and those who want to gain a comprehensive skill set for facilitating and delivering instructor-led learning events will benefit from this program. In addition to professional trainers and facilitators, training coordinators, training managers, learning consultants, instructional designers, independent consultants, educators, or professors may benefit if facilitation is part of their job. Professionals with unique domain expertise who have been asked to teach others, customer/technical/software educators, or those who lead others may also find this program to provide valuable grounding in core training and facilitation concepts.

Course Topics

Facilitating Formal Learning

  • Types of Learning-Learning Frameworks

  • Types of Formal Learning

Planning and Coordinating Training Events

  • Helping Learners Make the Most of the Experience

  • Managing Logistics for a Smooth Event

  • Creating the Ideal Learning Environment

Preparing to Facilitate

  • Understanding the Audience and Their Needs

  • Creating a Facilitation Plan

  • Prepare to Deliver Your Training

Applying Learning Science

  • Basics of Cognitive Science

  • Addressing Variations in Learner Preferences and Cognition

  • Understanding How Adults Learn

Selecting Delivery Options and Methods

  • Selecting Effective Delivery Options

  • Delivering to Meet Learner’s Preferences

  • Matching Learning Methods to Desired Outcomes

  • Selecting Engaging Delivery Methods

Facilitation Styles and Techniques

  • Presenting as a Professional

  • Facilitation Roles and Styles

  • Facilitation Techniques

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

  • Creating a Positive Learning Environment Through Effective Facilitation

  • Engaging Participants

  • Engaging Facilitator Communications

Engaging and Managing Participants

  • Creating a Safe and Comfortable Learning Environment

  • Managing Conflict and Group Dynamics

Designing and Developing Learning Materials

  • Designing Learner Materials With the Learner in Mind

  • A Closer Look at Design

  • Designing Materials to Assess Learning

  • Evaluations: Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels

  • Formative vs. Summative Evaluation

Supporting Informal and Self-Directed Learning

  • What Is Informal Learning?

  • Ways to Curate Informal Learning Content

  • Facilitating Learning on the Job Opportunities

  • Staying Up-to-Date With Technology and Industry Trends

About The Facilitator

Sardek Love Headshot .jpg

Sardek Love

How to unlock tiny shifts in your habits to build facilitation skills that make you remarkably engaging – that is what audiences around the world learn after attending an event with the man known as “The Engagement Expert”. Few people create the types of thought-provoking and ridiculously engaging experiences that Sardék Love is internationally known for. As an extremely popular speaker at conferences and corporate events, attendees to his High Impact-related series of speaking events and training programs are guaranteed to enjoy Sardék’s famous Edutainment approach based on his Engage framework. Every person experiences a transformation with Sardék because he ensures everyone will "be better than they were yesterday." As Chief Executive Officer of Sardék Love International, Sardék has traveled to and worked in 32 countries inspiring, developing, and educating managers, trainers, and staff in Fortune 100 companies, high-tech organizations, local / state / federal government agencies, and global brands on how to create high-performing teams. From working in west Siberia during the most frigid of winter temperatures to being lost in the Libyan desert in the scorching heat of summer to traveling to the incredibly lush and extremely remote jungles of Indonesia to revitalizing a workforce in war-torn villages of West Africa, his real-world experiences serve as the foundation of his powerfully captivating stories from which he brings his sessions to life. He has a long-standing history of thought leadership and developing talent at all levels. He is a former President of the Virginia Tech College of Human Sciences Alumni Association. In 2003 as a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) National Advisors for Chapters, Sardék was awarded the Staff Partnership Award by Tony Bingham, ATD’s CEO. In 2018, he was cited by ATD as one of the top 25 global thought leaders in Talent Development that spoke at the ATD International Conference and Exposition. A regularly cited leadership, training, and peak performance expert, Sardék currently serves as a member of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Graduate Instructional Systems Development Board.

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