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About Conference

Looking Ahead: Champion
for A Better World of Work

The Brave New World of Work


The 2023 ATD Asia Pacific Annual Conference and Exhibition will be held on October 24-26

Recent global events accelerated the adoption of technology and catapulted digitized learning strategies to the fore of business agendas globally. It simultaneously made 2023 a critical year for businesses to adapt, future-proof their workforce, and create strategic talent pipelines to combat the war for top talent.


2023 is seeing the world of work transform, our business models evolve and are facing questions on what the ‘new normal’ is likely to be. For most organizations, investing in a robust L&D and HR strategy is the answer to come out on top.


To address this need for transformation, the ATD 2023 Asia Pacific Conference is primed to examine HR’s role in implementing powerful change management and organizational resilience practices. This is a unique opportunity to benchmark with innovative talent & HR solutions, network with your peers, while simultaneously learning from global thought leaders.


In 2022, the conference gathered 1100 HR business leaders and 45 exhibitors and sponsors from the Asia Pacific region and internationally. Evolving in its 12th edition, the ATD 2023 Asia Pacific Conference is the annual staple event for HR and business professionals across the Asia Pacific region, with one unified goal: Looking Ahead: Champion for A Better World of Work.


Celebrating the 12th edition of the ATD 2023 Asia Pacific Conference and Exhibition, in 2023 we’ll be offering even more content, interaction and engagement platforms, to ensure that this is the only event you need in your calendar for professional development, world-renowned keynotes, content and inspiration you and your team need to succeed.

The Future

Date:  October 24-26, 2023

Venue:  Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 (TaiNEX 2).

What’s new in 2023 and why it’s a must-attend?

  1. Instead of two days of learning, you will maximize your learning value across THREE DAYS OF LEARNING, networking and knowledge-sharing

  2. FIVE WORLD RENOWNED KEYNOTES and authors will headline to share game-changing HR and talent strategies   

  3. We are introducing two pre-conference IN-PERSON ATD CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS led by CERTIFIED FACILITATORS that will optimize your outcomes and take-away tools

  4. For the first time since the pandemic, the conference agenda is revamped to offer MORE FACE-TO-FACE HIGHLY ENGAGING education sessions across the 3 conference days

  5. RE-INVENTED PROGRAMME featuring pressing topics including workforce resilience, succession planning, AR & VR, HiPo talent retention, and many more!  

  6. An UNRIVALLED HEAVYWEIGHT SPEAKER FACULTY – Bringing you award-winning international HR & learning game changers as well as the region’s most respected industry figures to create an exclusive platform for learning and dialogue

Learning Tracks

The 2023 conference program will be categorized in the following learning tracks:

Image by DeepMind

Learning Analytics

Focusing on learning and evaluation, we will share the processes and system applications imported into learning analytics, including, training design and evaluation, gamification, storytelling, social learning, neuroscience learning, and informal learning such as performance consulting and coach.

Image by Austin Distel

HR Technology 

Focus on HR and L&D technology applications of new trends, play forward-looking creative problem-solving capabilities, and thus affect enterprise reform. Topics include HR data analysis, HR systems, artificial intelligence, virtual classrooms, digital learning, learning technologies and platform, data security, and AR/VR applications.

Image by Hunters Race

Talent Management

Focusing on the talent development processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees.  Topics include workforce planning, reskill and upskilling talent, employee experience and engagement, employee and organizational resilience, performance management, talent acquisition and retention, business insight and marketing strategy.

Image by Drew Beamer

Future Readiness

Focus on cross-domain skills and industry insights into future trends and develop global and digital employees. Topics include hybrid work, change management, culture, staffing trends, environmental scan, supporting innovation and creativity, virtual team management, cross-cultural leadership, Psychological Safety, DEI and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

Schedule at a Glance

An On-Point Agenda

The 2023 program is engineered in a way for you to justify the value of your learning investments and improve your employees’ productivity, despite the rapid seismic changes that are creating new rules for work. The conference will discuss a range of topics including:


  • LEADERSHIP FOR THE FUTURE: Building and Sustaining Effective Human-Centric Leadership

  • SUCCESSION PLANNING: Agile Career Development Structures for Top Performers and High Potentials

  • BETTER WORK, BETTER WORLD: Maximizing Human Potential In The Tech Era

  • FUTURE OF LEARNING: Creating an Organizational Culture of Resilience to Unlock Talent Potential

  • ATTRACTING & RETAINING TOP TALENT: New approaches and innovations in total rewards for talent attraction and retention

  • WORKFORCE ANALYTICS: The Role of People Analytics in The Future Of Work

  • RESILIENT & AGILE ORGANIZATION: Adopting a Learning Agility Approach to Equip Employees with the Ability to Thrive on Change and be Flexible


  • Head of Human Resources and Practitioners

  • CEO, leader, key decision executor

  • Professors, experts or researchers of schools and think tanks

  • Learning and Training Development Professionals

  • Lecturer and planner of teaching work

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