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New Experiences

Session Types

5 Keynote sessions, with a total of 50+ concurrent sessions, including 32 education sessions, 12+ demo sessions and 6 networking sessions.

Master Chats

Popular speakers and authors will present at scheduled times throughout the conference at the Networking Lounge. Come by for author book signings or chat with speakers after sessions. It will be scheduled as follows:

10/24  13:30-14:00  Liz Wiseman

            15:00-15:30  Sardek Love


10/25  09:30-10:00  Brendan Burchell

           10:30-11:00  Fred Colantonio

           11:30-12:00  Kory Kogan

           13:00-13:30  Ron Jacobs

           14:00-14:30  Strew Desson

           15:00-15:30  Peter Cappelli

           16:00-16:30  Ryne Sherman


ATD Asia Pacific Conference will use Wordly AI for translation in the Keynote Sessions and select concurrent session rooms. Wordly AI has more than 25 languages available, and attendees can self-select their preferred language. This service is available free of charge to attendees.

Translation for All Attendees

Session Materials

ATD 2023 APC session materials are available in electronic format only, and all full conference attendees access session materials through “Bamboo Cloud” platform. Session materials will be available beginning Oct. 11, 2023.

WeChat 圖片_20230912215425.png

Session Recordings

Access ATD 2023 APC session recordings through “Bamboo Cloud” platform. All full conference and speakers can access the session recordings starting Nov. 1, 2023. All recorded sessions will be available in the platform until Nov. 30, 2023. The session recordings are as follows:

Program Code:  K001, K002, EE01, EE02, EE03, EE04, EE05, EE06, EE07, EE08, EE09, EF01, EF02, EF03, EF04, EF05, EF06, EF08, EF09, EG01, EG06, EG07, EG08, EG09, EH04, EH07, EH09, K004。

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