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ATD 2023 Asia Pacific Annual Conference "Personal Data Protection Law" Public Statement Contents

Welcome to use the related services of ATD 2023 Asia-Pacific Annual Conference (hereinafter referred to as the unit), in accordance with the provisions of Article 8, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Information Law), in order to ensure the protection of users' personal data, privacy and rights, When you have read and agreed to the "ATD 2023 Asia Pacific Annual Conference Personal Data Protection Law Notification Content", it means that you are willing to exercise the rights of consent conferred by the law in the form of electronic documents, and have the effect of written consent. If you do not agree, please ( The following are the various statements that our unit must inform you in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Law", please be sure to read them carefully.)

1.   Purpose of personal data collection:
(1) Engaging in various professions, science, technical services, law, accounting, business management, management consulting, construction, engineering services, technical testing, research and development, advertising, market research, special design, veterinary services, etc. belong to this industry The purpose of personal information collection.
(2) The above-mentioned related business or other scope of work that meets the definition of the business item.

2.   Personal data collection categories:
(1) Identification (for example: Chinese and English names, unified national identity card number, identification code, student or employee ID number, contact phone number, address, gender, place of birth, e-mail address, account number and name, other Identification number or electronic identification mark), characteristics (such as: date of birth, nationality, personal photos, handwriting and paper documents), social conditions (such as occupation, school experience), financial details (such as: bank account number, account name or financial information related to the purpose of this collection), etc.

3.   The period, region, object and method of using personal data:
(1) Period: The utilization period is the storage period necessary for the unit or business.
(2) Region: Your personal data will be used in the region where the unit provides services.
(3) Objects: The unit's joint marketing, companies that use customer information interactively, cooperative promotion units, business contacts, agencies with investigation powers according to law, or financial supervision agencies.
(4) Methods: electronic files, paper copies, or using automated machines or other non-automated methods.

4.  According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Law, you may exercise the following rights regarding the retention of your personal data by this unit:
(1) Right to inquire, read, copy, supplement, correct, request to stop collection, request to stop processing, request to stop using, request to delete, etc.

ATD 2023 Asia Pacific Annual Conference reserves the right to revise the contents of this notification, and the same applies when making revisions. The above provisions are referenced from the Data Protection Association of the Republic of China.
Announcement date: 2023-4-12 Contact person: Miss Xu Tel: 03-623-5383#201 EMAIL:

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