How to Prepare Talents for the Future?

Yoshiharu Matsui

President of HPO Creation, Inc.

As we all know, (1) talents/leaders are key asset for building organization performance, (2) talent development will not happen overnight, (3) about 70% of organization change efforts fail, and (4) achieving a successful change is getting harder in this fast-changing economy. This session will introduce how to develop and prepare future leaders in this fast-changing global business environment and for the future in an engaging and interactive way.

For background, along with further advanced technologies, such as AI, IoT, big data and robotics, there have been a lot of significant changes in our economy in the last several years. These changes have caused many disruption sin organizations, requiring Human Resources and Learning & Development organizations to take further upgrade and take new initiatives to catch up with them.

The presenter will introduce recent global context and what further disruptions can happen in the future based on the current trend, and then, clarify key challenges we, HR and Learning & Development organizations face in Japan as well as globally. Next, he will introduce what key activities and initiatives have been taken to counteract against those challenges, including his personal experiences around leadership and organization development in current capacity as well as in his prior career at P&G. finally, the presenter will introduce key strategy and action ideas for getting the organization to be ready for the future.

This session is for HR managers, L&D leaders, or business executives who want to learn and identify specific leadership and organization development approaches, principles, action plans and tools to diagnose the current situations and challenges of their organization, identify and plan key driving forces to prepare the leaders to be able to create strategies for preparing future-proof organizations.