Cross-generational Leadership – The Key of Communication and Accountability Attitude at the Workplace

Bruce Lin

Vice President / Senior Lecturer at Vine Management Consulting  · Consulting CEO, TRANSRAY 

Roger Wu

Consultant Training Director / Senior Lecturer at Vine Management Consulting

There is a generational gap especially in this digital era between new generation entering the workforce and old generation managers in the workplace. Leading the new generation in different ways and gaining a competitive advantage in a highly competitive environment is a major challenge for modern managers. The next generation loves to express themselves and pursue the balance between work and life, which is making the traditional top-down management model ineffective. Traditional executives are still demanding the next generation to be responsible and have an accountability mindset. So how should we approach this situation? As a manager, we must learn new communication skills along with the new generation, so we can effectively transform their ability and their characteristics to find out the appropriate roles and responsibilities, furthermore implementing the concept of accountability and also assisting enterprises to innovate and create high performance.