Training Program Design Tools: Methods and Processes of the “begin with the end in mind” Concept !

Wally Su

Founder, Over-Paradigm Technology Inc. · Senior Facilitator for Greater China, Association for Talent Development

I believe that the trainers who are engaged in talent development should have heard the concept of “begin with the end in mind”.

Do we really use this concept in the design of training solutions?If so, what is the “destination” of our departure? In the training field, we all must have heard the Kirkpatric four-level evaluation model. Even talk about these topics, level 1: Reaction, Level 2: Learning, Level 3: Behavior, Level 4: Results, and Jack Phillips’ Level 5: ROI (return on investment).

Implementing Level 3 to Level 5 takes time, resources, budget, and manpower, Therefore, companies do not have high-level evaluations for all training programs. This looks right, but it is also not right!

This session hopes that everyone will have a new understanding of learning evaluation. At the same time, we know how to implement the concept of “begin with the endin mind” in the design of training solutions. We will introduce a comprehensive learning evaluation process and core analysis method, combined with different tools. Hope everyone learn from the session and know how to successfully apply and implement!