Cultivate Talents with DNA for Innovation and Initiate New Thoughts for Business Strategies

Tuesday, 12/4   |   5:00 pm – 5:30 pm   |   Room 202

Ming Chou

General Manager, Vine Management Consulting


Sr. consultant, Ming Chou, is the General Manager of Vine Management Consulting. With profound executive management experiences of full functions of HR in multiple high-tech corporates across both Taiwan and Mainland, Ming used to engage in high-level decision making processes, building talent development system, and cultivation of business culture. As a professional facilitator and consultant, he successfully integrates business practice with solid methodology to continuously exceed his own professional level and facilitating skills. By closing the gap between theory and daily application, he constantly wins high rating from his audience.  In a realistic manner he effectively coaches business clients to cope with their challenges in talent selection, training, development, and retention. Moreover, by breaking the mold of most consulting firms are in and insisting in customer and sustainability orientation, his coaching to business has reached to the depth of strategic thinking so as to support positive growth both externally and internally in businesses.

With all these year Mr. Chou has accumulated solid facilitating and consulting experiences in the industry. With his mission to “Create and enrich value in others’ work and life”, he is currently specializing in Strategic and Design Thinking by “Business Model Generation” and “Design a Better Business”, Leadership development by“The Leadership Challenge”, Team building by “The 5 DysFunctions of A Team”, and Highly-effective Coaching Skill by “TCA Instructing and Coaching Model”.

Estella Lu

Senior Manager · Consultant · Facilitator of Vine Management Consulting

Estella demonstrates solid professional experiences in Talent/Leadership development area as Consultant, Training Program Designer, and Professional Facilitator in service of Consulting industry. With another 11 years of business-oriented experiences in multiple functions in MNCs, Estella is equipped with abundant business acumen in her consultant role to facilitate effectively all kinds of training and development programs.