Talent Transformation for Digital Technology: Best Practice of Artificial Intelligence at Workplace

Chan Lee

Professor of Vocational Education and Workforce Development (VEWD) · Director of Career Development Center, Seoul National University

Sung Kyung Cho


Digital transformation has become a buzzword around the globe. While corporations have taken the opportunity to explore ways of expanding their business through artificial intelligence (AI), employees often feel anxious about these changes, which are typically illustrated in Hollywood with robots and other mechanisms that replace human employees.

JUVIS Group, a leading diet-consulting firm in Korea, introduced an AI diet consultant to the workplace in 2017 to redesign job tasks among employees and redefine their core values. The group launched the service in 2018 to great success, and despite employees’ worries about being replaced with this digital technology, the company’s bold move created a tipping point—employees have shown a successful talent transformation.

Elaborating the secret know-how behind adopting AI at workplace, the speakers will use a success story to offer insights for HRD practitioners and decision makers on how to successfully design a talent transformation for the digital technology era.