The ABC’s of Accountability: A Work Session

Tuesday, 12/4   |   5:00 pm – 5:30 pm   |   Main Room

Sebastian Lillo

Vice-President APAC, DOOR International


This session will be a direct link to what was presented previously by Steven Masterpolo from Merck. Therefore, participants will have a unique opportunity to engage directly with real methodologies and practices that impact organizations. This works because it gets to the root of culture: the beliefs held throughout an organization and the experiences that cause those beliefs to take shape. Individuals in the work session will begin to create the proper balance between accountability, beliefs and culture with interactive exercises that will resonate with each of their workplace circumstances. 

The steps we will take with the group are to ensure the proper groundwork is done so individuals can ensure their professional or personal success. This essentially consists of identifying and understanding the pathway we have been on to gain perspective. Then having a grasp on what priorities we have placed onto the leaders we have followed or that we use when others follow us. Define and model the beliefs we have hold that drive our development and finally create and/or examine the systems we have created that help us achieve our goals. Although ambitious to accomplish in this 30-minute work session since we will build on the previous talk we hope you will stay to participate in the full cycle of understanding of the ABC’s of Accountability.

Sebastian is focused on connecting people with their potential by providing engaging environments that present opportunities to fortify the areas where their advantages are. His accomplishments center in the fields of mergers & acquisitions, product innovation, market development, education, sustainable development and organizational culture management.

His professional experience is in the private, public and charitable sectors in various industries in over 15 countries on 5 continents. Despite the variety of locations, the thread that has joined them is a dedication to a multi-disciplinary approach to education, the rise of the need to own one’s identity and working with teams that manifest the vision that they have defined as their goal. This includes working individually or leading workshops of 8 – 80 people to giving keynote speeches to groups of 500 – 1700 people in various languages.