The Datafication of HR – from Metrics to Analytics

Wednesday, 12/5   |   11:30 am – 12:30 pm   |   Room 202

Rick Liu

Executive Advisor, Chinese Human Resource Management Association (CHRMA) · Special Advisor, 104 Corporation


Many companies have already datafied their HR functions, but most of those companies are still at the stage of providing basic metrics. HR metrics are useful only when they can be used as the basis for HR analytics, a process that provides organizations with detailed analysis of HR programs and workforce performance. HR analytics also transform workforce and human resources function data into insights for making better people and business decisions. In this session, learn how applying basic statistical techniques on existing or benchmark data will help you turn metrics into analytics and then provide valuable insights. It is the insight that produces value, not the metric itself. Any metric that does not lead to action is not worth the time and effort to maintain and report. HR analytics is necessary and critical for business operation nowadays. HR professionals should not keep overproducing data and information while providing little on analytics and insights.

Rick is a senior professional with more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of human resource management and development. His past capacities include director of HR, IT, and PR of China American Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (CAPCO); a BP JV in Taiwan; president of CHRMA; vice president of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Associations (APFHRM); and co-chair of Human Resource Committee, the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Taipei. Rick is an American Management Association (AMA) certified trainer and works as a professional trainer and consultant with an emphasis on strategic human resources management, compensation, competency, performance management, and more over the past 28 years.