Lead Digital Transformation of Enterprise with Cloud Communication and Training

Wednesday, 12/5   |   11:30 am – 12:00 pm   |   Room 201

Mei Gu

COO & CHO, CyberLink Corp.


The wave of digitalization has well and truly entered the human resource (HR) sector, and various companies are considering how to formulate digital transformation strategies in response to it. The working style of HR departments has also undergone tremendous change with the continuous evolution of technology.  With digital transformation, what changes and dilemmas will occur in HR’s work? How should HR follow the trends and play the best role in the process of transformation, helping employees cover the growing demand for leadership, cross-domain talent training, and corporate communications? 

In this session, you’ll learn smart transformation strategies including how to leverage cloud communication technology to develop internal training, conduct remote interviews, and create owned online learning platforms for cross-domain talent search and training.  This is all with a view to resolving the difficulties that HR departments face and to turn them into key drivers for digital operations within enterprise, creating a natural competitive advantage.

Mei Gu joined CyberLink Corp. in 1996. Since then she has accumulated more than 10 years of diverse experience in research and development, and cross-domain roles spanning business development, human resources, and operations. Mei currently works as COO and CHO of CyberLink Corp., engaging in the organization’s human resources strategic planning and execution. Under Mei, CyberLink Corp. has won many domestic and international corporate and product awards.