A Systematic Approach for Change Management: Lessons from a Japanese Company’s Challenge with HPI

Wednesday, 12/5   |   9:00 am – 10:00 am   |   Room 201

Masayuki Imamura

General Manager, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID)


Japan has government initiatives called “HATARAKIKATA KAIKAKU” (work style reform/improvement). They are facing a big challenge in the work environment with a decreasing population and aging society. Moreover, according to the OECD survey, labor productivity in Japan places 20th among the 35 member countries of OECD.

To make the organization a better place to work, one company has been conducting a lot of initiatives, such as shortening work time, improving work-life balance, and so on. They focused on a work-life balance program. However, the initiative’s goal was not clear throughout the organization and they did not have a precise root cause analysis process, so employees started to create “solutions” based on their assumptions. Consequently, they could not reach the expected result in two years.

While they were searching for the next approach, they found HPI (human performance improvement). HPI is a results-based change management model to see the problems as the whole system rather than focusing on a specific problem with a specific solution alone. Based on the HPI concept, this organization set improving employee engagement as a goal of work style reform. They set several indicators to achieve the goal and promote the HPI change management process by showing the clear correlation between several factors found in the survey. The organization’s practice of the HPI-based change management made more people not only focus on their practice of the development opportunities, but also recognize their step-by-step accomplishments as the result of their actions. It encouraged employees’ sense of ownership. In this session, you’ll gain valuable lessons from the change management practice of HPI that can help you avoid the early mistakes this company made.

Masayuki Imamura is a general manager of the Work Style Innovation Acceleration department and HR manager at Information Services International-Dentsu Ltd. (ISID). ISID provides integrated business solutions, which the company plans, designs, develops, and maintains, and provides consulting services, hardware configuration, and software support. Masayuki has been responsible for HRM/HRD for over 25 years. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in economics from Waseda University, he worked at Sharp Corporation, a group company in Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group. Masayuki has been a member of the HPI Forum in ATD’s International Network in Japan since 2017.