IBM’s Journey to Intelligent Learning

Tuesday, 12/4   |   1:30 pm – 2:30 pm   |   Main Room

Glenn A. Casey

Lead, IBM Learning & GBS Learning & Knowledge, Greater China Group at IBM


Having the privilege of working in and enabling one of the world’s most eminent technology companies, this speaker is continually challenged to achieve the “holy grail” of organizational learning and development. Although we’re not yet at the point of having a chip implanted in our brains to access immediate knowledge, we are coming closer. Access to knowledge alone is only part of the story, although it is a very critical part. How do we balance the tried-and-true fundamentals of learning? How do we balance a high-tech approach with what neuroscience tells us about how our brain learns? How does the speaker’s company enable a global workforce of more than 350,000 employees to not only keep up but lead global IT thinking? In this session, follow one company’s journey to “intelligent learning.”

Having had the fortune of pursuing a professional career in leadership and organization development, Glenn has experienced the gamut of approaches and interventions in how one best transforms organizational and personal capability and leadership style and achieves personal and career success. From master’s programs to best-in-class corporate leadership coaching, Glenn finds the force that makes the greatest difference continues to be the simplest and most fundamental. 

Glenn believes that guiding and coaching people in organizational settings is a privilege and an empowering position to be in. His personal career and leadership journey started with foundational corporate leadership programs, business enablement, adult education, and psychology. Glenn has 16-plus years leading employee capability and leadership programs in the Asia Pacific region, predominantly Taiwan and China, with a career grounded not in theory but rather in years of application and practice leading large-scale organizational change and employee development. He currently leads IBM’s Learning function in Greater China and continually draws inspiration from a diverse industry experience in high-tech, automotive, banking, and consulting industries.