Talent Development Challenges for the Digital-First Future: Boundary-less Career Perspectives

Gertrude I Hewapathirana

Associate Professor of Management, Gulf University for Science and Technology

The presentation focuses on the questions: “Are we developing the talents for a boundaryless digital-first career era? How to overcome the challenges to meet the requirements for the digital future?” Presentation includes a global focus and examples from various organizational and country contexts. It will highlight multiple perspectives, the complexity of understanding and conceptualizing talents. An extensive literature review will be used to build on this argument. Talent is still an undefined and evolving concept. It can have multiple meaning in multiple contexts. Such multiplicity of conceptualizations and a lack of universal consensus make it complicated for one country to define and adopt a unified model of talent development.  

The purpose is to develop a dialogue with the audience to understand the ongoing debate of talent and talent development challenges. The discussion will focus on understanding and defining what is talent from multiple perspectives. For example, Context and time-specific knowledge and emerging needs. Future of the world of work and what new types of talents do we need to develop to effectively address the challenges arising from the highly technologized and competitive world of business. Individuals are facing a dilemma how to fit into the rapidly changing digital transformation at workplaces that require a boundaryless talents.

Discussion of talents will be examined from the following perspective:

  1. Historical, current and future of talents 
  2. Psychological, organizational and HR perspectives
  3. Demand and challenges for boundryless career
  4. Challenges and myths from a practitioners’ perspectives
  5. How to diagnose, select, recruit, reward, transform and retain talented employees

This session will raise questions: Are we in the right path of developing critical talents for the digital-first era? This will be an interactive presentation with the audience and includes 3 polls of responses to the questions posed to the audience.