HR Profiles in the AI Era

Tuesday, 12/4   |   2:45 pm – 3:45 pm   |   Room 202

Hung-Yue (Collin) Suen

Assistant Professor, Technology Application & HRD at National Taiwan Normal University · Partner, International Human Resource Certification Institute


Human resources tends to look at the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) as some far-off sci-fi dream, but that future is happening now. AI algorithms have overtaken humans in collecting large amounts of data, analyzing data, and supporting decisions based upon data. Currently, HR professionals equipped with AI application skills and technology professionals who have HR domain knowledge are hot commodities in many developed countries. Moreover, the need for this new breed of HR is not just at the top. Organizations are questing for new HR pros who can tackle the latest and greatest, from HR heads to mid-level data analysts and entry-level employees who can maintain the HR system and AI applications. While some HR departments will continue working on traditional tasks by using cheaper workforce (vs. AI) solutions, others will be freed up to start having real impacts on business by using more HR-AI assistants.

Dr. Hung-Yue (Collin) Suen is an assistant professor of technology application and human resource development at National Taiwan Normal University, and a partner at the International Human Resource Certification Institute, an organization focused on promoting the HR profession and growing the number of certified HR professionals worldwide. Before joining academic life, Dr. Suen served as an HR director for several financial holding companies, where he oversaw both international and domestic HR functions. His main research interests include social computing, human–computer interaction, data analytics, and artificial intelligence in HR. His works have been presented in several international conferences and journals.