From End to Beginning in Management Practice–On Establishment of Business Ethic Centric Culture of a Company

Bai-Chuan Yang

Chief Ethics Officer & Chief Human Resource Officer, Sinyi Realty Group

The session will provide a “From End to Beginning” thinking approach to examine the ways of promoting corporate culture today and to reflect the possible drawbacks. Session will also address:

  • the comprehensive rationale for employing business ethics as the core elements of a corporate culture.

  • The practice of Sinyi Realty Group to explain how to elaborate the practice of how to establish the business ethic centric culture in a company

  • the core elements of Sinyi Realty Group’s culture to exemplify the advantages of taking business ethic as the center of corporate culture.

  • the possible dilemmas when employ the business ethic as the core of the corporate culture and applying “From End to Beginning” thinking approach to face the difficulties.

  • the way of integrating business ethics into the management system and daily operation practices to cultivate and root the corporate culture.