Neuro-Agility–A New Paradigm for Safeguarding Learning Organizations

André Vermeulen

CEO, Neuro-Link

Organizations are only as good as the people who work there. As organizations and markets become more complex and dynamic, employees’ adaptability, agility, and flexibility to learn have become increasingly important to improving their performance and safeguarding their progress. Organizations that embrace learning cultures are more agile and embrace change, and their employees develop growth mindsets and seek out learning opportunities. During this session, Dr. André Vermeulen will illustrate how developing neuro-agility is essential to building a culture of learning and innovation that will drive business results. Neuro-agility is the brain’s ability to learn quickly and easily, to think, to draw conclusions, and to be flexible with ideas and understandings. Employees with strong neuro-agility maximize the potential learning value of a given experience and apply that learning to perform well under new or first-time conditions.

Participants in this session will:

  • Learn a framework for developing neuro-agile employees.
  • Learn a neuro-design framework for developing mental flexibility.
  • Learn five brain agility exercises.