How Can HR Help Enterprises Face New Opportunities for Digital Transformation

Perry Chyau

CEO, Knovia Group

Facing the global competition and emerging technologies, enterprises face rapid changes in internal and external environments. Using emerging technologies to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is the primary consideration of Taiwanese enterprises right now. In this session, CEO of Knovia Group, Perry Chyau will specifically discuss how can HR help enterprises face new opportunities for digital transformation. A simple way to explain this is with the market globalization in cloud, digital, and mobile, HR faces innovation in six areas: Knowledge Management, Learning Model, Talent Innovation, Service Model, Sales Model and Management Model. How should we master the use of emerging technologies, help enterprises transform and upgrade to enhance competitiveness to build innovative enterprises?

Participants in this session will:

  • Learn how to help enterprises face new opportunities for digital transformation
  • Learn to build six innovation systems
  • Learn how to build system architecture