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Date: 2019-11-7 (Thu.) ~ 2019-11-8 (Fri.) 9:00~17:00

Location : 4F, No 106, Sec 2, Heping E. Rd, Taipei 

Pricing : ATD Member NT$16,000、Non-Member NT$20,000Early bird discount price NT$16,000 before September 30 

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Neuro-agility is a new paradigm for performance improvement, reducing risk for human error and developing talent. The Neuro-Agility workshop is a unique, assessment-based certificate that enables you to develop neuro-agility as a differentiating future competence to develop agile people. The objective of this workshop is to enable talent development and performance improvement professionals to develop agile people who will not just survive, but thrive in the future world of work.

The age of disruption calls for companies to plan for positions that don’t exist now and recruit and develop talent that will be agile and competent enough to fill those positions. This calls for sourcing and developing agile people who can fill those positions because they have the ability to learn, unlearn, relearn and multi-skill fast and easy in new, first time situations. Before people can be agile at learning, thinking, emotions, leadership and how they perform in teams, they need to optimize the drivers that impact the ease and speed with which they learn, think and process information and integrate the neurophysiological elements which determine their neurological design and impact their mental flexibility. Being able to optimize these brain-based elements will enable people to be neuro agile, which is the starting point for developing agile employees who will have the mental flexibility to think, learn, create and perform well during disruptive change.


Day one: your amazing neuro-design

  • Developing neuro-flexibility
  • Developing brain agility
  • 6 drivers to improve your brain performance
  • Implications & implementation of neuro-agility

Day two: improving your neuro-agility

  • Developing neuro-flexibility
  • Developing brain agility
  • 6 drivers to improve your brain performance
  • Implications & implementation of neuro-agility​

You Will Learn To

  • Process information , think and learn easier, faster and be more mentally flexible 
  • Identify measurable drivers that impact your brain performance and brain health, where you excel and where you have opportunities for growth
  • Identify measurable components of your unique neurological design, where you excel and where you have opportunities for growth
  • Optimize your personal neuro-agility 
  • Reduce risk for human error
  • Improve your neuro-flexibility
  • Integrate neuro-agility solutions with other agility constructs and interventions such as talent acquisition and recruitment, performance optimization and reducing risk for error


  • Understand why people development practices have to be grounded into neuroscience 
  • Learn a framework to develop a neuro agile workforce
  • Learn a framework to determine people’s neurological design
  • Learn 6 drivers that optimize brain performance
  • Learn skills to optimize cognitive flexibility
  • Debrief people on their neuro-agility skills

Why Should I Attend?

  1. Receive a personalized Neuro Agility Profile
  2. Develop and demonstrate mastery of neuro-agility as a key competency for the workplace of the future 
  3. Gain access to a comprehensive online learning platform  that will guide you to become a neuro-agility practitioner who can assess and optimize people’s neuro-agility

Program Takeaways

The Instructional Design Certificate materials model best practices so you can experience outcome-based training from a learner’s perspective. The program contains more than 15 ATD-exclusive job aids, process documents, templates, and checklists, including:

  • needs assessment process
  • interview guide
  • task analysis checklist
  • lesson outline
  • design document.

Who Should Attend 

Experienced people development and performance improvement professionals ready to elevate their skills and demonstrate mastery in neuro-agility optimization.

Program Components 

Part 1: Fundamentals (Online)

Two weeks prior to the face-to-face component, you’ll join your peers in a private online community to complete a neuro-agility assessment. You’ll be welcomed to the program, invited to network with your facilitator, and given access to key program materials and resources.

Part 2: Neuro-Agility Workshop (Face-to-Face)

You’ll attend a two day classroom training covering content on neuro-agility, your personal neuro-agility profile, how to assess neuro-agility, how to optimize neuro-agility and how to integrate it. 

Highlights include: 

  • Discover your unique neuro-agility profile
  • Optimizing your brain agility

Part 3: Wrap-Up

  • The final components to your success in the program is your wrap-up practical assignment, to be submitted within three months after the core course. You must also pass an assessment to demonstrate mastery of the content of this program. You may take this at any time during the program and can retake it until you achieve a passing score. 
  • Finally, should you choose to do so, you can join Neuro-Link as a Neuro-Agility Profile practitioner and have access to using our state of the art online assessments and learning platform to conduct business.
  • Estimation for successfully completing the entire program is approximately three to four months.​


Dr André Vermeulen

CEO, Neuro-Link / Neuro-Agility Thought Leader

Dr. André Vermeulen is a part time lecturer at the University of Pretoria and a member of the Neuroscience Research Group. His function is to translate neuroscience into practical solutions that helps companies drive business results. André is also the founding member and CEO of Neuro-Link, a boutique consultancy utilizing applied neuroscience to move performance forward, develop talent, reduce risk for human error and maintain wellness. He has developed and patented various neuroscience assessments and learning solutions that are used by thousands of adults, and children in education, business and sports across the globe. As an international keynote speaker, Dr. Vermeulen has contributed on numerous prestigious platforms like TEDx Johannesburg and ATD ICE since 2000. He is a regular guest on many radio and television talk shows around the globe and hosts his own television program called “Mind Matters”.