LUMA – Enhancing STEAM Education in Finland

Riikka Lahtinen

University Lecturer at Tampere University · Director of Tampere LUMATE centre

Eeva Makela

Coordinator at Tampere University

Inspiring and motivating children and youth into mathematics, science and technology through the latest methods and activities of science and technology education has become increasingly important in Finland and worldwide. It is also important to support the life-long learning of teachers working on different levels of education from early childhood to universities, and strengthen the development of research-based teaching. These aims have been put into practice in LUMA centres, which are part of almost all Universities in Finland (LU=luonnontieteet, sciences in Finnish, MA mathematics).

The aim of this workshop is to introduce the network and practices of LUMA centre Finland. After an overall presentation on LUMA actions, there will be a short introduction to different science activities and equipment we are using to teach technology, electronics and robotics to children of all ages. A demonstration of activating teaching methods promoting learning will follow, as participants will attend to hands-on experience in small groups to learn electronics in fun but educational way. Together we will explore how to use some technology educational equipment in teaching and how to make STEAM project with them. After this workshop, participants will be able to implement small hands-on projects for kids in primary school. No prior experience or knowledge is required.