The Strategy and Talent Demands for Digital Transformation in Enterprises

Lawrence Huang

Senior Director, Wiedu Corporation

According to international institutional research, the global digital transformation wave has entered a large-scale digital maturity period, leading companies will open the gap within two or three years. The digital transformation leader’s revenue and productivity improvement are twice as high as those of followers. How companies can enhance market competitiveness through digital transformation is an important issue that has to be faced. The new wave of digital waves has led to changes in industrial operations, changes in work patterns, and changes in talent capabilities.

Therefore, in the process of digital transformation, what is important is not the change in the use of technology in enterprises, but whether organizational talents have digital thinking and capabilities. This session share the needs of digital transformation talents and strategy, including: the impact of digitalization on corporate talents, what important digital skills should be established, how to plan and promote corporate digital talent training, and hope to help companies improve the competitiveness of digital talents.