Talent Management Is Changing Under Experience Era

Fabian Padilla Crisol

Chief Digital Officer & General Manager for SAP SuccessFactors in Greater China

There is pressure on businesses of all sizes to rely on their people and the agility of the organization to transform digitally and thrive. Organizations must be able to attract, develop, and retain the best people, tapping into their full potential and meaningfully connecting them to the company’s purpose and mission. At the same time, people expect a different experience at work, especially when it comes to technology.

Many CHROs are seeing a dramatic shift in HR from delivering transactional excellence to becoming architects of digital transformation.

The new world of work operates differently, and how work gets done in talent management is changing:

  • We must deliver experiences to prospective new hires and employees that match the best customer ones.
  • We are expected to drive measurable change, reporting on impact, not just activity.
  • We must be fluent in data analytics and predict outcomes tied to the business strategy.
  • Simplification is the key to success as we navigate

During this session, the speaker will share SAP’s HR transformation story within the broader context of the company’s transformation into becoming a cloud company. From the beginning, SAP anchored its HR strategy within the business one, thereby developing a consistent, comprehensive way forward in which HR could help lead SAP’s overall transformation.

The speaker will show why SAP is the test driver for its own solutions to simplify the way we do business and sustain the next wave of growth. SAP believes that this journey provides clear insights and learnings for its customers. Bersin, by Deloitte recently featured SAP’s internal HR transformation program, HR Goes Cloud, in a best-practice case study, confirming that SAP has chosen the right path moving forward for its customers and workforce.