Rethinking Training at a Time of Massive Disruption

Doug Hung

Director, HPO Group

For the last few years, every CEO we met in China told us that their number one priority is putting people at the front and center of everything they do. Yet, we have to ask: Have these organizations truly transformed into people-centric companies? Join HPO Group for a thought-provoking session that both challenge the notion of how people-centric organizations really function and test the value of training development in the era of the empowered-yet-overwhelmed HR professional.

By sharing the latest experiences in operating with top 500 Chinese companies and our global study on the Top 12 World-Class Sales Practices, Doug Hung explores how traditional HR training approaches fails to meet the constantly evolving dynamics of the modern workforce.

Attendees will learn:

  • the effects that evolving employee and customer expectations create for companies
  • why focusing on employee dynamics alone sets HR leaders up for failure