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證書課程 B

DEI人才發展證書課程 (英文授課及教材)




時間:09:00 – 17:00

講師:Rita Bailey



優惠價 8/1 - 9/28


原價 9/29 - 10/16


 ATD 亞太年會 + DEI人才發展證書課程 合購方案

優惠價 8/1 - 9/28



原價 9/29 - 10/16



ATD亞太年會 + 培訓引導證書課程 + DEI人才發展證書課程

優惠價 8/1 - 9/28



原價 9/29 - 10/16




培養具備多元、公平和共融 (DEI)的組織員工及工作環境,需要認識和欣賞不同員工各自的觀點、背景、習俗、能力與行為規範。TD專業人員處於獨一無二的地位,使得他們可以確保組織中的每位員工都受到尊重,並致力於組織展現包容取向所帶來的顯著優勢。 此課程涵蓋 DEI 多方面的重點主題和概念,並以人才發展實務的角度出發,探索可使用來支持組織發展 DEI 所需之工具。根據ATD人才發展能力模型所示,將從個人、專業和組織三種獨特的角度審視DEI對組織所造成的影響,並發現可用來擴展思維模型、實務作法和影響力的優質策略。 此課程提供了評估自我覺察敏銳度和培養內省謙遜文化的機會。課程中從學員們的真實經驗出發,藉由真誠一致的對話討論,認識到每個人都是在前往 DEI 的旅程中,只是處於不同階段而已。此課程也會在 TD專業領域,探討如何將 DEI 融入到人才發展人員的日常工作中,了解如何善用 DEI 策略來招募、培養、保留和優化人才,從而推動和影響組織。課程結束時,將會產出一份包含商業案例和策略取向之DEI發展指南,可作為企業初步實踐發展使用。


  • 有能力以多元、公平和共融的方式發展和領導他人。

  • 獲得所需的知識、資源和工具,將DEI策略 整合到企業的人才發展體系中。

  • 優化企業人才,推動有意義的變革,強化組織員工及工作環境。

  • 獲得行業認可的證書、ATD繼續教育學分及 ATD 數位徽章,讓您與您的社群分享此榮譽。

What You Will Learn

  • Demonstrate the value and benefit of integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into talent development for your organization.

  • Expand your self-awareness and shift your mindset, practices, and influence around diversity, equity, and inclusion within your own work.

  • Identify factors that shape identity and culture, including race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation/identity, age, physical abilities/qualities, and neurodiversity.

  • Discover how cultural norms affect beliefs, values, behaviors, and decisions and their potential impact on workplace dynamics.

  • Demonstrate inclusive leadership skills, including co-creating an environment where diverse perspectives are considered, using storytelling to create safe spaces, and making space for people to be seen, heard, understood, and valued.

  • Examine the diversity, equity, and inclusion climate of an organization and its impact on talent development.

  • Propose talent development strategies to sustain a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

Who Should Attend

This course is for talent development practitioners—those within organizations who create and lead strategy for talent development to functional experts, such as learning consultants/business partners, trainers/facilitators, and instructional designers—who have responsibility to develop or support their organization’s DEI efforts. The certificate program will be especially useful to individuals and teams who want to drive positive outcomes and support business success through DEI strategies.

Course Topics

Driving Talent Development With DEI

  • Establishing a Common Understanding of DEI

  • Recognizing the Impact of DEI in Talent Development

Building Self-Awareness of DEI

  • Noticing Our Own Biases

  • Starting With Self-Awareness

  • Developing Cultural Appreciation and Humility

Exploring Cultural Dynamics at Work

  • Seeing the Similarities and Differences Around Us

  • Understanding How Cultural Norms Influence Behaviors

  • Building Inclusion and Equity

Thriving in a Diverse Work Environment

  • Communicating Within and Across Differences

  • Responding to the Challenges of Workplace Diversity

  • Promoting Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Through Training Design, Facilitation, and Management

Connecting DEI to Organizational Outcomes

  • Shaping an Organization's Culture

  • Evaluating Your Organization’s DEI Maturity

  • Measuring the Success of DEI

Integrating DEI Into the Talent Development Strategy

  • Creating a Blueprint for Success

  • Developing an Equity and Inclusion Strategy

About The Facilitator

Rita Bailey.jpg

Rita Bailey

Owner, Up To Something, LLC, USA

When asked what my business is, the reply, “The People Business”. My personal mission - "To help People and Organizations maximize their potential and reach their goals." Background Summary As a corporate leader, consultant, coach, and entrepreneur, I have a lot of information to share. •25 year Career at Southwest Airlines – leadership in Sales, Marketing, HR, Education •10 years as Founder/CEO of QVF Partners, LLC – Consulting and Speaking • 4 Years on ASTD (now ATD National Board) – 2005 Chair •ATD Facilitator – Managing Learning Programs •Served on several advisory boards and committees •Author- “Destination Profit, Creating People-Profit Opportunities in your Organization” •Traveled to 37 countries sharing what and how to messages for people-profit results •SMU Cox School of Business - Contributor/Facilitator Corporate Leadership •Develops Executive Immersion programs for transformational change

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