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2019 ATD APC Official Photo Album Download Link

#大會精彩搶先報兩天盛會,準備轟炸您的大腦記憶體了嗎? 相信我們會共同擁有美好的回憶,此次大會特別邀請了 #Accupai 【即時影像雲攝影】合作,再也不用在海底撈針 #找自己 屬於您的精彩時刻!利用AI人臉辨識找出,重要時刻不錯過!美美的照片,也交給我們吧~2019 ATD APC Photo Album 相簿:https://live.accupai.com/live/51472894

2019年國家品牌玉山獎 – WCIT全球資通訊科技應用傑出貢獻獎

#2019年國家品牌玉山獎#WCIT全球資通訊科技應用傑出貢獻獎旭聯科技 成立於1996年,是國內首屈一指的數位學習與eHRD人才管理解決方案的頂尖供應商。旭聯擁有最佳的人力資源與專業研發技術,不僅參與近百所大專院校的數位學習系統的建置,更帶動國內390家以上企業及政府部門朝向全面的數位學習、人力資源發展數位化轉型的方向邁進,並且持續提供客戶領先群倫的專業技術與感心服務。👑旭聯官網http://www.sun.net.tw#390+企業最值得信賴的人才管理系統服務夥伴#旭聯培訓大師10 (Corporate Training Management System)重磅上市#地表最強攤位活動🎤① 憑名片抽日本來回機票② 旭聯企業客戶憑名片領取限量「環保筆記本」一本

給企業360度的全面防護 Empower Your Security

#中華資安國際 為中華電信集團的資安專業公司,提供企業電信級MSS (managed security service) 資安服務,與中華電信HiNet合作,提供入侵防護IPS服務、DDoS防護服務、防駭守門員、色情守門員、NGFW、上網時間管理、防毒防駭等,從網路機房端為企業進行資安防護,提供企業360度的全方位防護。

About Us


For the first time, ATD is working with Institute for Information Industry, which is also committed to empowering professionals with knowledge and skills. In promoting the development and cultivation of industrial talents, we will inject breakthroughs and innovations to assist the next generation of talents remain competitive and achieve successful initiative.

About ATD

With more than 36,000 members from more than 120 countries, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) is the world’s largest association dedicated to professionals in the field of talent development. ATD supports the work of professionals throughout its 125 branches in United States, global strategic partners, and a global network of members. ATD was founded in 1943. It was first named the American Society for Training and Development and later renamed to the Association for Talent Development. As the scope and impact of the training and development areas continue to evolve, its core content has expanded to the aspects of human resources development, learning and performance associated with the overall performance of individuals and organizations.





About Institute for Information Industry (III)

Promoting the information industry and development of the information society are the two main purposes of the establishment of the Institute for Information Industry (III). Adhering to this aim, the Institute for Information Industry is actively investing in the analysis of industry and technology trends and surveys the needs of enterprises and society as a development direction for information talent cultivation, learning technology research, campus industry counseling, and other services. It is expected that the Institute for Information Industry will become the model institution for the cultivation of energy-enhancing entrepreneurs and the main driving force of the smart campus industry.


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