Language, Talent and Competitiveness: Our Strategy

Language communication skill is the key to sustainable growth of corporations. Corporations have more opportunities branching out into international markets by implementing purposeful, systematic, and long-term language communication management strategies.  

In the era of Economic Globalization, corporations consider talent to be “asset” instead of “cost” can achieve higher qualitative performance and customer satisfaction with their employees. The development of language and communication abilities for employees is not only the topic of human resources management but also important for decision-makers leading their teams to continuous growth. 

Through the language communication skills, individuals can fully demonstrate their professional knowledge and skills for promoting their products and services into the international market. This brings more opportunities for higher profits and corporate sustainability.

Chun Shin Limited, the Country Master Distributor of ETS TOEIC Program, KPMG and USI will talk about “Language, Talent and Corporation Competitiveness: Language Management Strategies” during the ATD conference. They will share about the benefits of the decision they made for language management in their corporations and how they implement the language management policy in their corporations.