When Technology Meets Human Leadership|Building a Warm “Technology” Company

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said: “Every company will need to be a technology company in their own right “With the development of technology, “enterprise transformation” allows enterprises to be more agile and flexible in response to rapid changes in the market, speeding up decision-making and adjustments. Enterprise transformation builds smart organizations, and humanistic leadership creates healthy teams. Digital technology can process large amounts of data and calculations quickly, but it is always people who uncover meanings and make decisions. When organizations deal with the problem of “people”, digital technology is only an auxiliary tool. In the digital age, to achieve efficient management and leadership, the interaction and communication based on human nature is more important. The vision of technology is a freer life for everyone, and the vision of humanity is to move towards a society of mutual aid. How to build a smart organization that applies digital technology, and at the same time is a passionate and humanistic healthy team? The key is to use human leadership to create a happy, healthy and creative work environment.