3 Rules for Leading in an Exponentially Changing World

Deborah L. Ancona

MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
Seley Distinguished Professor of Management

We live in a unique moment of rapid change that is shifting our understanding of how leaders need to lead themselves, teams, and organizations. In this session, Deborah Ancona, founder of the MIT Leadership Center, will present three key points for succeeding in a world of uncertainty. Leaders must communicate their own unique way of leading to provide an anchor in uncertainty and to track an ever-shifting environment. They need to create flexible teams that collaborate effectively with both internal and external partners. They must inspire their organizations to solve big problems and nimbly adapt to shifting realities. During this session, she will focus on these issues:

• Discovering and communicating one’s unique Leadership Signature
• Creating X-Teams for innovation and success
• Architecting Nimble Organizations that harness leadership at all levels to adapt to these changing times