A new talent development strategies of ESG (Sustainability) Era

Sunny Huang

Executive Director ; Founder
New Wide Group ; WorkFace Taipei Smart Capital Angel Club

People are definitely a key point for ESG era. Facing of the changes in the environment rapidly, for helping employess’development by using various methods will bring high motivation in the company.

There is a special training program with working balance, study club and experience sharing in the company.  Base on job ranking of each staff with unique personality, we provide an internal training program to improve staff’s professional skills. 

Sunny will share his experience of using NEW WIDE as an example. The cultures of NEW WIDE is based on sharing and honesty from manager to staff, and cultivate talents from the bottom to the top according to their levels. We arrange courses for different rankings, so that our employees can improve their professional ability to create a good performance through learning in our company.