What Your Board Needs to Know About C-Suite Succession Planning

Matt Paese

Development Dimensions International (DDI), USA
Senior Vice President, Executive Services

Choosing C-suite successors is one of the riskiest decisions a board will make, not only in the CEO role, but for COOs, CFOs, CTOs, etc. But so many boards are flying blind when it comes to predicting the capability and performance of their future C-suite executives.

In this session, Dr. Matt Paese will take a board’s view on succession planning. He will outline critical steps to reduce your risk in planning and set your C-suite executives up for success.

This session will cover:

  • The anatomy of a healthy board approach to C-suite succession
  • An overview of the tools boards have to help manage the process
  • Strategies to approach common succession scenarios
  • The five critical things most often overlooked in C-suite development