Leadership of Turning Valley to the Peak

Chien-Yung Ma

Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp., Taiwan

2016 was the year that Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. dropped to the bottom of the valley. The speaker will share his experience of the success in turning crisis into opportunities and how he led the company back to its glorious peak.

The topic focuses on the re-examination of the company’s strategy, which led to creating an enterprise of high-quality and sustainability through organization transformation, business transformation, and technology upgrading. As a result, the company won the appreciation and complete trust of numerous international companies all around the world.

Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. ensured its competitiveness by adhering to core values, continuing to create customer value, implementing corporate governance, cultivating talents for sustainability, and developing strategic talents. It also raised the level of R&D and management through comprehensive knowledge. By this time, its business model, “Inside Chamber Total Solution,” is close to perfection.

Learning objectives of this session:
● Transformation of organization and reversal strategy
● Challenges and countermeasures of talent development
● Upgrade technology: Advanced deployment—innovative and proprietary technology to enhance diversity and preparing for the uncertain era