Aptis | The more efficient English assessment for your organisation

Vivian Chung

British Council Taiwan
Head of Exam Business Development

How to become an international company? Innovative ability, communication ability, and talents with international perspective are the key factor for companies to enhancing their competitiveness. And Interpersonal communication is the most important skill for companies. Developing overseas starts from recruiting talents, training their English communication skills. The key point of the speech today would be how to effectively, simply and quickly master the language levels of each employee, and to give appropriate resources to enable the talents to play a great role.

Language management is not only an indispensable part to internationalize a company but also an advantage of personal careers. Aptis is an English assessment designed by British Council experts based on the latest research method. Human resources in companies can select testing skills flexibly, and the test result with CEFR would be released within 48 hours at the soonest. With Aptis, HR can test the language proficiency of test-takers and recruit talents with global vision.