Strategic Transformation; Talents Advancement; Corporate Sustainability

Shui-Yi Kuo

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd

2022 is a critical year for Chunghwa Telecom’s transformation, growth and sustainable operation. We have just completed the three-year comprehensive strategic transformation plan “Rise on, together 2021” to establish fundamental changes in mindset, behavior and physique, and then achieve a flip-up of financial indicators, successfully returned to the growth track, and the “customer-centric” organizational structure was officially launched, establishing three business groups of consumer, enterprise, and international, and integrating three technical teams of network, information and research, with ” Transformation × 5G × Sustainability” three-way strategy, tailor-made digital transformation solutions for customers, assist all people and all industries to upgrade in the digital wave, and jointly move towards the digital economy era together, and under the guidance of the three sustainable visions of “green low-carbon, digital empowerment, integrity and transparency”, create sustainable corporate value from the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). Talent is the key to Chunghwa Telecom’s transformation, growth and sustainable operation. We insist on safeguarding employee happiness, attach importance to employee training and development, and provide the best stage for talent development, actively promote the “accountability” culture, and encourage colleagues to have ABC (Attitude, Behavior, Competence), show execution, pursue excellence, strive to meet customer needs, to drive the company’s transformation and growth, and move towards a prosperous future.