Becoming an ∞ talent never afraid of great changes –Mastering organizational culture ability and promoting organizational strategy transformation

Jacky Kao

Vine Management Consulting
Vice President

Organizations are living into digital transformation era, and those firms must accelerate and strengthen their competitive advantage in different dimensions and deployment in advance, for example, New strategic layout, organizational structure, resource allocation, talent upgrade, etc. In addition, there are many real cases which have proofed if an organizational new business strategy is lacking supporting by new culture, there will result in failure indeed.

The topic of 2021 ATD Asia Pacific Conference -「Empowering the People Side of Digital Transformation」, This topic is exactly explained the fundamental of 「People Side」which can be implemented to organizational culture nowadays. In the beginning, entire organization must have a common consensus in key result, then go through consistent cultural beliefs and behavior to achieve vision step by step. Therefore, accelerating the development of talents’ cultural management and leadership is an indispensable element in any transformation process.

In term of above points, Vine’s keynote speech「Becoming an ∞ talent never afraid of great changes」focus on「Mastering organizational culture ability and promoting organizational strategy transformation」. Moreover, listeners will get a better understanding about how to cultivate talents who’s sky is the limit, achieve an organizational culture of unlimited value and tackle upcoming challenges in the future throughout speech which presented by our lecturers Estella (culture transformation) and Jacky (assessment tool demonstration).