Lessons From Tesla: Driving HR in a Fast-Growing Company

Beth Davies

Tesla, USA
Former Director of Learning

The speaker spent six years at Tesla leading L&D when the company grew from 800 to 33,000 employees. Company leaders recognized that fast growth presented great risk because each person joining would have their own ideas about what needed to be done and how to do it. Without alignment around the strategy, priorities, and core values, the company would fail before it got started. As the head of learning and development, Beth played a key role in ensuring alignment happened.

In this session, the speaker will share stories from her time at Tesla that illustrate what strategies HR used to hire the right people, get them up to speed quickly, and keep them engaged. She’ll cover:

• What Tesla did to ensure its mission was more than just words on a page
• The factors Tesla considered most important during hiring to assess whether someone would be a good addition to the team
• How Tesla defined and communicated its culture so employees knew what was expected of them
• How onboarding was designed to ensure all new hires had a strong start
• What the HR team did to connect with people across the organization

Come with questions! Beth loves to share her experiences and inspire others.