How HR uses data and human resources technology to promote digital transformation and case sharing

Steve Sue

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Because digital technology and COVID-19 have changed consumer behavior and the way of doing business, this has also indirectly changed the company’s internal and external management methods, including education and training, has also begun to turn to a hybrid online + offline model, and recruitment has begun to introduce AI remote Interview.
The so-called transformation refers to “the overall change in the company’s long-term business direction, business model, corresponding organizational structure and capabilities, and resource allocation methods.” This is a process in which an enterprise generates new competitiveness and transforms its business model.
Therefore, HR must begin to assist companies to build future organizations and talents, build a new HCM human capital platform with technology and data as the core, and gradually improve the internal organizational planning, talent supply, talent deployment, talent development, education and training, personnel management, Salary and welfare, performance management, employee care and incentive system. However, the HR department is bound to face many challenges when assisting in the promotion of digital transformation and business innovation-related projects.
The speaker will use his own personal and past project counseling experience to share how HR can successfully act as the best helper for organizational transformation and enterprise upgrading.