Effectiveness of using Augmented Reality for Training: The Certis Case Study

Kenneth Tan

Vice President ; Adjunct Faculty Member
Certis Corporate University ; Nanyang Business School (Singapore)

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows virtual information to be overlaid onto a live direct or indirect real-world environment in real time. This session will share some case studies of the use of AR for learning and training, and also share the effectiveness of an innovative platform called ARAST.
  2. ARAST is the Augmented Reality Application for Security Training, which creates a flexible learning environment using scenario markers (QR Codes) on an app, without the need for additional hardware such as VR/AR glasses, making it conducive to adopt for workplace learning anytime and anywhere.
  3. The session objectives are:
    • To learn how realistic and mediated AR content can be used to engage users in an immersive learning environment.
    • To learn how trainers can implement scenario-based Learning techniques and remotely view progress of their learners.
    • To observe how learners can learn at their own pace and reports can be made available on their learning progress.
    • To learn how useful the platform is for learning data collection and analysis.