From Online Learning to Instagram and Jingle Competitions: Using a Blended Learning Approach to Corporate Values Cascade

In early 2020, Great Giant Foods, an Indonesia-based food company and the world’s biggest integrated producer of canned pineapples, came up with a new set of five (5) core corporate values. Due to the pandemic, regular classroom workshops could not be held anymore due to ban on gatherings. The company instead implemented an Online Learning Program on the new Corporate Values as the main tool of cascading the new values to its more than 5,000 employees. The company also asked the employees to post in online jamboards, instagram and tiktok. A jingle contest, online town hall meetings were held to build awareness, create the desire among the employees to align their behaviors with the new values, encourage the employees to apply the new behaviors in the workplace, and reinforce the enthusiasm.

To assess knowledge retention, a learning retention test was administered to more than 250 learners. Based on the results of the Retention Tests, there is only less than a 5% drop in knowledge retention after one year.

To measure how the training impacts the learners’ ability to discern the correct actions to take in actual work situations, a Situational Judgment Test (SJT) was developed and administered. The SJT assesses whether their decisions were aligned with the corporate values. The SJT showed a very good 89.9% even after one year. This indicates that using the blended approach to the corporate values cascade has resulted to both high learning retention and improved judgement on actual work situations which impacts workplace decision-making.

Muhammad Rhomadona

GGF Corporate University Department Head
Great Giant Foods (Indonesia)

Roberto E. Galvez

Corporate Services Director
Gunung Sewu Kencana (Indonesia)