The Adaptive Action Model on Shaping People Management in the Government Sector: A Central Banker’s Advocacy

John Raymund S. Almeda

Head of Leadership Development Team
Central Bank of the Philippines (Philippines)

As central banks become more and more the trailblazers in their respective countries, it calls them to take on thought leadership roles for the government sector in terms of not only operational efficiency but all the more of people management to achieve optimum performance. Central banks, given their national position and reputation, can provide best practices and assist other government agencies in transitioning from transactional to integrated or strategic HR while considering resource limitations. Civil service institutions and global frameworks could serve as blueprint in carrying out such a noble initiative. To help map out the integration of these frameworks into the DNA of the central bank or the public sector as a whole, this session presents how the Adaptive Action Model has served as a potential foundational instrument and testament to realizing people management agenda. The model seeks to draw out the internal and external realities of an institution, to ensure that the impact of each reality is articulated, and that tangible actions are charted with commitment. This session aims to illustrate the subject model and how it can be used by talents across the globe, not only central banks, in facilitating HR transformation within and outside of their institutions.