HR Goes Agile Under Uncertainty

Jason Wang

SAP, Taiwan
Human Experience Management Taiwan Sales Director

Companies traditionally have established their structures as hierarchies, meaning the job title, responsibility, level, reporting line, and career path are clearly defined in each organization. However, for modern companies, structures are more dynamic and keep changing. With a more dynamic structure comes different types of work. Today, people are involved in multiple projects and tasks that span across the company for which they work.

In 2021 workers have been juggling jobs, families, and constantly shifting priorities while adjusting to working from home. This shift has lead worker to re-evaluate, reprioritize, and reflect on what they do, and it has resulted in a massive wave of job changes.

As a result, companies are adopting a new concept, the talent marketplace more, and more to create more opportunities for their workforce—as a resource to learn, to provide different types of development experiences, to leverage their skills and strengths, to obtain new skills and capabilities, and to seize opportunities for career growth.

In this session, you will learn how to:
• Apply the talent marketplace concept to your company.
• Enable your company to take an agile approach to managing their workforce.
• Focus on the skills and capabilities that encourage employees to be proactive and pursue interests that they value.