The Future is Now: Accelerated Paradigm Shift in Leadership

Tim Kuei

PwC Taiwan, Taiwan
People and Organization Services, Managing Director

The COVID-19 pandemic has consumed our world and accelerated ongoing crises posed by the major global trends in ADAPT: the Asymmetry of wealth, Disruption by technology, suboptimal Age distribution, Polarization of opinions, and declining Trust in institutions. While these trends have fundamentally subverted the established norms of commercial mindsets and business operating models, they have also brought about more ideas and possibilities for the future of work.

As we recover from the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare to be even more agile in facing future challenges, this next era needs leaders who can quickly understand, accept, and embrace six paradoxes in their work: the globally minded localist, high-integrity politician, humble hero, strategic executor, tech-savvy humanist, and traditional innovator. This additional set of apparent contradictions in traits and capabilities for leaders is essential in bringing about the human-centeredness and quality in the employee experience required by the future workplace.