The Metaverse, AR & VR, Skills, Talent and Human Resources: The next 10 years

Gerd Leonhard

The Futures Agency (Switzerland)

There is no doubt that virtual reality is a great tool for training and learning, communication and commerce – at the same time, meaningful human relationships and experiences still very much require a physical presence. What can we expect in the next 10 years, as devices become faster, cheaper and smarter – and as humans will increasingly augment themselves?  Will we need to protect what makes us human, in this hyper-connected world? What will be the most sought-after talents and traits in the future? Learning objectives include:

  • Technology is exponential but humans are not: Always keep the human in the loop!
  • Embrace technology but don’t become it: Keep a sceptical mindset but also an optimism of the will (and heart)
  • The future is: “Awesome humans on top of amazing technology”
  • Move up the food-chain and away from work that machines can do – beyond simple knowledge, towards understanding, wisdom, purpose