The HR3.0 model build up a competitive sustainable development for enterprise.

Danny Lin

Chief HR, Sustainability & Risk Officer
Qisda Corporation

The goal of enterprise is not only to make profits, but also to actively pursue sustainable operation and continuous growth. Among them, the most important is that it can promote sustainable development, bring positive benefits to the environment, society and economy, and further move towards the road of sustainable development. Facing the rapid changes in the environment and the challenges of sustainable development, human resources are the key success factors. Without sustainable talents, there will be no sustainable enterprises. In order to achieve the sustainable goal, we must start from the strategy of sustainable talent management. BenQ Qisda Group builds HR 3.0, which combined with the our vision, effectively talent selection, cultivation, and retainment to form a long-term cycle. Thus, talents would be willing to contribute to the enterprise in a long run and achieve the goal of sustainable talent. BenQ Qisda Group practices the ESG talent management, including performance indicators of natural resources, human resources and social resources, in order to enhance the our value and achieve win-win benefits, so that we can promote sustainable development.