「CPC GO」: Changes x Progress x Capabilities

Shun-Chin Lee

CPC Corporation, Taiwan, Taiwan
President and Acting Chairman of the Board

CPC was established in Lao Jun Miao (Gansu province, China) in 1937, and moved to Taiwan in 1946. It has gone through various stages of Taiwan’s economic development, including post-war economic construction, the rise of (light) industries, laying the foundation for heavy and chemical industries, cultivating technology industries, and promoting industrial upgrading. At this critical juncture of digital transformation, CPC must keep pace with the changing times. Driven by environmental protection and energy supply and demand, CPC will promote innovation and embrace change, advance at full speed, and pursue excellence.

“Human resource is the most valuable asset of an enterprise.” Therefore, CPC’s human resource deployment continues to evolve in response to organization development needs. In recent years, the manpower structure has seen an M-like manner. For example, employees with a seniority of less than five years account for one-third, and employees who will retire within five years account for one-fifth. How can CPC formulate an inventory management of corporate knowledge to effectively accumulate, manage, share, and upgrade its application, as well as inherit the value of work and corporate culture? In addition to PDCA ’s(Plan-Do-Check-Act) training and development and the establishment of a career map for employees, the focus of manpower development is planned through multiple training channels combined with practical learning of emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, so as to gradually implement the talent development strategy of digital transformation.