Pause All Your Learning: Notice What It’s Serving

Given the unprecedented times we’ve lived through during the last two years, almost everything we ever imagined and the way we imagined it has changed. We live in a world we never could have imagined. Through all the adversities, there have been many success stories too, one of them being the time people have invested in themselves. If anything, data shows that the time people are investing in developing themselves is increasing. But where does one stop, and just how much learning is really “enough?” In all the consumption that we are witnessing, are we forgetting that pulling back to catapult ahead is step one? The session will explore some of these nuances to understand the importance of how unlearning can lead to deeper learning.

Sriram Rajan

Novartis, India
Head of Novartis Learning Institute, India

Thomas Mayes

Novartis, Japan
Head of Novartis Learning Institute, Japan