The Power of HR Technology in Building Human-Centered Organizations

Declan Noone

IE School, Spain
Professor of Human Sciences and Technology

For many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to a hybrid working model. What was once viewed as something aspirational is now a reality for many. Consequently, the pace of transition and change has caught many organizations unprepared and HR departments are racing to get ahead of the game.

One thing has become clear: Human-centered organizations have performed better than most enterprises over the last 14 months. They have demonstrated a capacity to be resilient and adaptive to the changing demands of the market. HR technology has been key in enabling organizations to balance the needs of the customers, community, and users with those of the organization itself.

During this session you will explore what it means to be a human-centered organization and how HR technology can:

  • Improve your talent management system and strategy.
  • Enhance your corporate learning architecture.
  • Cement a learning culture in your organization.

This knowledge will result in a human-centered organization which has inbuilt adaptive and resilient capacities on the structural, systems, and human level. Therefore, ensure your company is positioned to meet future long-term challenges and the paradigm shifts that will come with them.