New Business Needs Require a New L&D

Brandon Carson

VP Learning and Leadership
Walmart (USA)

  • Today’s business landscape demands more from corporate L&D. New ways of working have brought more responsibility for L&D to maximize business value through a renewed human-centered learning function. This requires L&D to go beyond skills training to include employee health and wellness, the move from scalable efficiency to scalable learning, and leading the new ways of working which include a “one-size-fits-one” approach.
  • In this session, participants learn how to strengthen their needs analysis and formulate a flexible and adaptable L&D playbook for the digital age. We explore how L&D is fast becoming the new business strategy and Brandon shares how to reset, rethink, and rebuild L&D to evolve the employee experience. Through it all, participants will be provided examples that showcase how this necessary transformation can unfold.