Innovative HR Strategy in Digital Transformation

Oliver Shang

Taishin International Bank, Taiwan

In the post-pandemic era, Digital Transformation becomes the MUST-DO strategy. The company should review and adjust future HR strategies to ensure the effectiveness of digital transformation.
When an enterprise conducts digital transformation, it must start from the customer’s perspectives and explore new models for business growth. Therefore, talents with innovative and digital capabilities are the key factors for the transformation. As early as 2016, Taishin assembled a group of creative talents. By adopting agile development methods, Taishin successfully launched Richart in a short period of time. Until now, Richart maintains market leadership status through the continuous development of breaking-new ground banking services.
This topic will share how Taishin masters the digital talents and maximizes their values through the process of diversified recruitment, proactive cultivation, and empowerment of employees in its digital transformation journey.