Is Your Performance Management System Ready for the New Digital Normal?

Angela Stopper

University of California, Berkeley, USA
Director of People & Organization Development

Performance evaluation: The words can cause anxiety in even the most seasoned manager and their employees. As we think about the people side of our organizations’ digital journeys, it gives us the perfect “crack in time” to reimagine our current performance evaluation systems and build future-focused, creative solutions that enable our managers in supporting ongoing performance while empowering and developing their teams using coaching and continuous conversations.

In this session, we will think about performance management and how it looked in the past, how it can look today, and how it should look as we think about future success. We’ll discuss moving from performance evaluation to performance development, moving from time-clock management to coaching relationships, and ensuring that your performance management program aligns to your organization’s digital transformation.

You will leave this session knowing the right questions to ask, as you plan to solve the challenge of how performance will be measured, supported, and achieved in the new normal.